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A series of four wildlife posters

Our first project is the publication of a series of four seasonal posters that we are offering free of charge to every school on the islands. They show just a few of the creatures that share these islands with us. We want the young people who see them to be impressed and inspired. Some of the creatures they will recognise; others will be new to them. We hope they will visit these pages to find out more; perhaps encouraged and guided by their teachers.

Click on a poster or species name for more information.

Spring   Summer   Autumn   Winter
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Chios Nature - Spring poster   Chios Nature - Summer poster   Chios Nature - Autumn poster   Chios Nature - Winter poster
Species:   Species:   Species:   Species:
Fox   Hobby   Sandwich Tern   Hare
Tree frog   Sea Urchin   Barn Swallow   Little owl
Orchids   Cuttlefish   Wood mice   Monk seal
Octopus   Tortoise   Otter   Beech marten
Roller   Butterfly   Hoopoe   Chukar partridge
Loggerhead turtle   Mammoth wasp   Hummingbird moth   Hedgehog
Tulip   Rhinoceros beetle   Hover fly   Bonelli's eagle
Grass snake   Spurge hawk moth   Agama agama   Common dolphin
Ladybird beetle   Sea star   Locust   Scorpion fish
Bee-eater   Bee fly   Green toad   Orchid
Longhorn beetle           Black widow spider

The information was gathered from a wide range of (mostly web-based) sources. Although it has been checked as carefully as possible we are not experts and some inaccuracies may have crept in. Where they occur, they are entirely are own. If you have spotted any errors of fact we would be grateful if you would alert us, so that we can make suitable corrections. Contact us.

More species

Many more species of plants and animals are to be found living wild on Chios, Oinousses and Psara than we had space for on our posters. Some of them are on our more species page. It's an area of the site we will be expanding!

Future projects

We have not made any firm decisions about future projects. It is likely that we will put some of our resources into developing this site. You may like to help us do this. Help us.

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